What is the Italobritish Project?

The Italobritish Project aims to revolutionize the food industry: from creating healthy and flavourful products to new ways of shopping and cooking. 

With food, we take the original organic and natural ingredients and remix them in new ways to form new flavours. An example is pasta: a long-standing Italian tradition, its ingredients are now remixed with hot chilli and spirulina for suprising new flavours.

With our decentralized approach, we want to integrate the latest blockchain and DeFi technologies to our supply chain and shopping experience.

Last, but not least, we want to create a community. Because it is by connecting with people that we learn new ways of cooking and shape together our new world of food. 

What is Food 3.0?

The food we consume and the industry around it have been going through major revolutions. In principle, humans were only eating raw ingredients from nature, such as fruits, nuts, plants and animals. We can call this Food 1.0.

As human societies evolved, we've learned to remix the natural ingredients and create flavourful dishes. Every culture has their own unique traditional recipes. This is also what you find in restaurants or local taverns. We shall call this Food 2.0.

Food 3.0 is the next generation of what we know as food. This is a reshuffling and remixing of cultural foods into completely new products. One example is Pasta Spirulina, a union of Italian tradition (the pasta) and Asian ingredients (the spirulina algae). These fusions can bring new high-quality and innovative food experiences.

Although Pasta 3.0 is our only product, we plan to introduce many more in the future.

What are the plans for Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are the future of payments and exchange methods. We not only would like to adopt the main coins as method of payment, but also create a new industry standard for people to purchase and exchange food. This is a big project, and more info will be published soon here.

As cryptocurrencies, we plan to integrate the main tokens of Bitcoin and Etherium as methods of payment, but also include sustainable and low transaction fee altcoins such as Cardano and XRP. 

How can I join the Community?

We are currently setting up our Telegram and Facebook groups to be released soon, but for now you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Where can I buy your Pasta?

We are currently selling our pasta B2C on Amazon UK, and B2B via our contact request.

Who are the Italobritish?

"Italobritish" are the Italians that have migrated from Italy to the United Kingdom. 

Just like the Italoamericans opened new restaurants and shops in the United States, we want to support the Italian local communities here in the U.K..

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