The Next Generation of Foods

Revolutionizing the way we cook and experience food

Organic Spiced Pasta

The regular from the supermarket is just not enough anymore. People want new flavours and quality ingredients. Welcome to the next generation of Italian pasta. 

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The Next Generation of Foods

We develop new healthy foods that haven't existed before. It's not just about the quality, it's also about rediscovering old flavours and recombine them for the modern world. 

Traditional natural ingredients have been used for years by taverns, pubs, and restaurants to create tasty dishes and attract customers. Yet, only a few products have been completely redesigned for the at-home food experience. Chefs, on the other hand, have hardly experimented yet with this third generation of foods entering the market.

It's now time for the next generation of creative innovation in the kitchen. A new experience is set to take place.

The Metaverse

Progress is fueled by technological innovation. The next big thing in our lives will be the emergence of the digital twin of our physical world: the Metaverse. In parallel to real life, we will find ourselves spending more and more time in this alternative universe.

Italobritish will be among the first to develop and resell virtual crypto products into this new reality. Enjoying food will be a totally new experience. 

Although still under development, we are incredibly excited for this project.

The People's Community

We live in a world where people are ultra-connected and physical boundaries are non-existent. This is not only thanks to the Internet, but also the digital innovation of Social Media, Social Commerce, the development of Metaverse, and our smart devices.

On one side, we want to help people connect on a unique level and share experiences. Together, we can not only learn about food, nutrition, and ways of cooking, but also creatively bring new ideas and give form to completely new food creations. Whether in the Metaverse or in-person, we encourage people to actively participate in our Community.

On the other hand, we'd like to help unify, develop and support the community of Italian migrants in the U.K. (i.e., the "Italo-British"). Many generations of immigrants throughout history moved to Britain for a better future; many opened local food shops and restaurants. It would be so great to have all of these generations come together to come together and share their life stories.

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